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"My paintings take shape from my traveling experiences across the Argentine landscapes: coppery deserts, crystal-clear lakes, boundless beaches, sharp cliffs and icy mountains river all mingle on my canvas and express themselves through light and depth. Also, memories of my day among the indigenous communities of Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala conjure up in my heart dream-like images that blend themselves in a play of layers and asphaltic texture.

No painting of mine is a copy of real place. Rather, it expresses in the form of colours and tints the feeling that the place imprinted in my soul.
When I paint, I open my heart, I shut off my mind and my hands dancing freely on the canvas in an enduring instant of creative “automatism “.
Thus, in every work, I open a door on the viewers’ imagination for them to enjoy the flow of emotions that the composition arouses in them.

Words do not come easy to me. I express myself better through painting."

Florencia Fernández Alonso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1951. She graduated from the prestigious Prilidiano  Pueyrredón school of fine arts in  1981.

She improved her ability and understanding by working closely to very distinguished artists such as Juan Doffo, Luis Felipe Noe, Pablo Bobbio and Eduardo Mc Entyre among others. 


​Florencia has taught art at her studio for over 30 years where she has developed a new generation of artists. Together with her studio, Florencia has shown her work in several exhibitions held in her native Argentina such as Arte Espacio, Expo Artistas at Centro Cultural Borges, Pintores Argentinos among others. This artist is also well known internationally as she has exhibited in New York in Arte Expo, Red Dot Latin American Art in Miami, Cicardi- Sanders Gallery Latin American Fine Art in Hudson and also in South American countries such as Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. 

Florencia offers commissions and today plenty of her paintings are hanging on private houses in London, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, USA and Latin American countries.

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